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A spirit's sphere - chapter XLIX
With an unpatient growl, Tatsu turned around on his belly and ordered: „Now massage my back. It´s itching at the lower part alot.“ The hard working Nechigaerus surpressed a scared shriek and quickly moved on.
Tatsu was at the spa, which was neighbouring at the former Youkai-za. Since the Dragon Lord setteled there, he quickly got known to the nearby area. The hotsprings within the spa was a nice place to rest and to find some calm moments for carefully calculating further steps how to proceed.
Unlike the still running spa, the amusement park at the metropole was shut down shortly after Tatsu´s arrival. He didn´t tolerated anything which may have an amusing or entertaining effect, which was a distractive nuissance in his eyes. If the other Youkais around him seek his wisdom, they have to accept that changement. To his joy, Moguri and Gurumi were successful with recruiting other Youkais, who share the same ambitions and preferences.
Under his command, they mana
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A spirit's sphere - illustrations XI :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 2 8 A spirit's sphere - illustrations X :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 4 4 A spirit's sphere - illustrations IX :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 4 6 A spirit's sphere - illustrations VIII :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 3 4 Meeping around... :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 5 19
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLVIII
Now after Dr. maddiman left the room, Karakuri and Kurokage observed Iory, who still laid within the odd sealing-box struggeling with herself.
„Iory…I´m really glad that you´re still with us.“ The Blandon carefully whispered and the Dragon Lord smiled being really tired.
With unsure gestures, the Robogappa looked around, before looking at Iory with the question: „So do you want to take a sleep now? I guess it´s the best, so you don´t have to feel the pain, or?“
She nodded and mumbled: „I´m scared you two…that I won´t make it out here…and that you won´t get back home again…“ A single tear rolled down the scaled cheek before it vaporised to silver steam. „I really didn´t wanted to let all this happen to you and Roido-sama. You all have suffered…enough through me.“ She closed the eyes with resignation and went on: „Maybe it´s my deserved fate…at last.
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 1 13
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLVII
„Yuki, listen carefully to me now. You´re the one who seems to be the most reasoning Youkai towards this Kabukiroid. Please go to Roido and explain him everything. I have neither the time to do this now, nor will he listen properbly to me in his current state.“ To the other two Youkais he said: „You two, I need your helping hands besides my minions. So far Iory isn´t on the way to perish, so calm down. But she needs to be treaten now.“
„But what about Roido? What happened to him and will he stay calm when I enter? What have you placed around his hands and necks? It won´t hurt him, or?“ questions over questions were spilling from Yuki. But she only recieved a handwave from Dr. Maddiman to shut up and  to proceed as ordered.
„Release them.“ The scientist ordered to the Leadonies and the three Youkais finally can move. With a hesitating hovering style, Yuki entered the security room, while the others were dragged by the D
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 2 11
Mature content
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLVI :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 1 6
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLV
Back in his chamber, Dr. Maddiman managed to video-call Hi no Shin again. The screen was lit up and showed the large face of the data-gatherer. The Youkai tapped on this keyboard in his typical frenzy manner and with an excited voice he said: „So finally I have some good news for you. I figured out the last ingredient for the kinetic substance. To be exact it´s more the refining process you have to do afterwards, which is crucial. Took me quite a while, because it was lost within the centuries. But no data-gathering related tasks is impossible for me! I send you anything, but you have to retrieve the missing element by yourself.“
A message was seen on the screen and the doctor read it´s content. „Oh quite a unsusal thing. Even I wouldn´t have figured it out by myself! How does it even makes sense? Although WHAT is making sense in our realm anways, kee-ke-ke-keeh~!“ the scientist laughted in his maniac way.
„I also have great news sir. I fina
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 1 18
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLIV
At the next morning, Iory woke up with a huge yawn. She opened her eyes and saw the other Youkais still spleeping. Without noises she hovered towards the glasswall. Looking through the window, she saw Roido still resting on the surgery table, but no Dr. Maddiman was there. „It give me some chills how this scene looks like…“ a low whisper was heard from behind. Iory barely surpressed a scared scream and whirled around. Almost bumping into the Blandon, she growled. „Don´t do this ever again. You´ve given me quite a shock, Kurokage.“ „I´m sorry...I didn´t ment this.“ He apologized.
„It´s okay now…sorry for being quite short tempered lately. These vision surely were helpful and it´s a nice feeling to think about Roido-sama trying to communicate with us, but I haven´t slept well for a while.“
Just as the Dragon Lord was on her way to calm down, Dr. Maddiman entered the lab and grinned. „Good
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A spirit's sphere - chapter XLIII
A short while later the Mirapo lit up and the large package slowly hovered through her round body.
„Quick dear minions, catch the precious one and place him on the surgery table over there.“ Dr. Maddiman ordered. The many Leadonies quickly gathered to the spot, grapped the heavy body and gently carried Roido towards the said table in the neighbouring room.
It was devided with a wall, where a large window was placed in it so Iory and the rest could see the interior furniture. It was abit messy but resembled an operation room the most. A large lamp was above the table and several odd tools were clustered around the neighouring smaller cabinets. Most of them already pretty much worn off.
The assistents lit up the lamp, unwrapped the motionless android and carefully undressed his upper body. Placing the costume in a corner, the Leadonies also quickly sorted the various tools. Dr. Maddiman headed towards the room and shortly looked back.
„You lil one, Karakuri was your nam
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 1 11
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLII
With a loud whooshing noise, the thick door slid open and revealed a large lab-room. In the middle of it, there was a table formed in a half circle. Behind it a crazy looking humanoid Youkai was sitting there wearing a white lab coat. He had only one big blueish eye with a yellow iris. Several thin black hairstrands stucked aside from his head and his purple-blueish skin looked roughtly patched up.
A tall IV-drip stood next to this Youkai being connected with his beating heart on his chest. A teeth-revealing grin appeared on his mouth and with open arms he greeted his visitors.
„Welcome back my minion and hello you new ones. Welcome to my humble realm. My name is Dr. Maddiman. And with whom do I have the pleasure?“
All four Youkais stared at this scientist without a single word, while the Leadoni snickered around from the background.
Iory fully tensed up and growled lowly, while shielding the precious sphere from any possible danger.
The others also didn´t made any sig
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 1 7
A spirit's sphere - illustrations VII :iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 3 14
A spirit's sphere - chapter XLI
Being thrown out of the Mirapo´s maelstrom, the four Youkais had to orientate, where they actually are. Looking around they realized to be in the middle of a dense forest. The surrounding trees were slowly waving in the chill breeze. Deep purple leaves and silverish glimmering barks were reflecting it´s colours from the last sun-setting rays.
„What a weird place…“ Yuki whispered as the onw, who hardly was outside of the metropole with it´s theatre. Being in the wilderness was a new experience for her. Same goes for Karakuri, as he nodded to the Blizzaria´s comment. Iory instead hovered and examined the strangely colored trees. „I´ve seen trees with gold leaves and now these ones. The silverish tone is pretty…Look Roido-sama.“
She held up the sphere close to one of the trees. It´s golden light let the uneven surface shimmer even more.
„Iory, aren´t we supposed to find that guiding Yokai, who shall lead us to th
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 2 10
A spirit's sphere - chapter XL
Several days passed as Tatsu finally opened the remodeled temple at the metropole. After the portals were opened, many Youkais streamed to the interior, seeking for the promised foretelling wisdom of the residing Dragon Lord.
One after another stepped forward and Tatsu spoke: „Come closer commoner and tell me what your matter is about?“
They did as said. Some of them wanted to know what to do within a small quarrel with another Youkai, others simply the weather´s outcome while another Youkais wanted to know further distances results of their future.
„I gladly give you supportive advices, but it´s not a good thing to meddle yourself within your own fate in that large scale.“ Tatsu said. He may have been able to look that deep into someone´s future, but he never tried this out, since this taught wisdom was passed down from his own clan. Despise his severed bondings to the main-temple, Tatsu still carefully watched out for limits, which could endange
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 1 11

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Children of The Flames Ch.4
Chapter 4
The Call.

"Is that the best you can do Kouen? Oh you disappoint me." Bekkah Kouen was trapped in her gripping nightmare, she tossed and turned in her sleep, muttering helpless words of dread as the nightmare took over.
"You will not get away with this! I will stop you, or die trying!" the valiant strong voice Bekkah just remembered called out defiantly.
She opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed was she was standing in the Village square, and all around her was death and destruction. Buildings were set alight, people crying out in horror and there, in the centre of the square. Her father.
"Father!" Bekkah called out trying to run towards him, but her legs refused to move.
"Come now, you must have more fight in you." A hissing voice laughed.
Bekkah felt her body go cold with fear, her eyes slowly turned toward the voice.
She felt her breath stop momentarily, her heart hammering in her chest. It was him. Orochimaru.
His snake-like eyes danced with malicio
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The drawings of THIS artist are ALWAYS a pure eye-candy. But THIS one surpasses EVERYTHING before. "Puppet-Brigade" is packed full of L...



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